PRX Pallet

Heavy duty pallet, forkliftable, ISO corners Back to overview

This PRX pallet serves as a base for a complete ‘Fly-away’ Command Centre developed by AT&T.
AT&T engaged VRR for its broad knowledge of the technical side of the aviation industry and the strict aviation authority regulations. In this case mobility, strength and proper fastening solution (corresponding with the overall structure) were keywords for making this essential part of the Command Centre a success.

Mobility was achieved by making the pallet forkliftable and by adding ISO corners, often used for transportation by truck.

The pallet is constructed for extreme durability. The inside of the pallet contains longitudinally placed stringers, with small pitch for maximal support and strength. The pallet is made of 4 separate sheets for easy repair in case of any damage.
The edge rail of the pallet is equipped with seat tracks and is equipped with several tie-down rings as extra fastening points.

ULD type
  • PRX
  • Type - P Certified aircraft pallet
  • Base size - R 4978x2438 mm / 196x96 inch
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