HXA Horse Stable

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This HXA Horse Stable has been designed according to high military standards and has been optimized for use on both a C17 and C130 aircraft.
This stable is based on a ‘walk-on/walk-off’ loading principle and has room to store up to three horses and a groom to take care of the animals during transport. It’s a safe and comfortable cabin for both horses and attendants, and a perfect animal friendly solution to transport the horses through the air.

The overall construction is divided into two compartments, a horse compartment – with three individual sections - and a groom compartment in front of it.
A ramp door is located at the front and aft side of the container, this allows a one-way walk through and therefore an easy and natural method to (un)load the horses. After loading the horses one by one, the aft bars can be used to secure each horse, after which the back ramp door can be closed.
Inside the container, the horses are separated by adjustable partitions and three breast frame doors are situated between the horse and groom compartment, these keep the horses within their individual section and provide a safe working area for the groom/attendant. The partitions and breast frame doors are equipped with spring loaded pins for easy handling during (un)loading. 

The attendant can enter the groom compartment through the staff doors located on both sides, which do not open inwards but slide open to keep the horses at ease. The attendant then enters the working area and can safely look after the horses during transport.

More features:

  • The top surface of the base and ramps are provided with a soft anti-slip rubber material
  • Buffer blocks are attached to the ramp door, which prevents the ramp from being damaging during loading when it’s opened
  • The upper structure of the container is a very rigid construction (welded and riveted)
  • Ventilation grills are installed on both sides of the container to create optimal temperature and ventilation
  • A removable cover is located on the front and aft side of the container and is equipped with gauze to ensure optimal ventilation
  • The front side of the partitions are equipped with sniffer boards so the horses cannot see or touch each other
ULD type
  • HXA
  • Type - H Certified horse stalls
  • Base size - X 3124x2743 mm / 123x108 inch
  • Contour - A 2743x2431 mm / 108x96 inch
  • Tare weight Tare weight: 1215 kg / 2679 lb
  • Max. gross weight Max. gross weight: 4536 kg / 10000 lb
  • Max. net weight Max. net weight: 3321 kg / 7321 lb
  • 15.6 m³ / 551 ft³
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