C-130 LOX pallet

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Liquid oxygen (LOX) is amongst others required to support jet fighter operations. LOX can often not be simply locally purchased when operating in remote areas and is then flown in instead. Due to the highly flammable and explosive characteristics of LOX, this should be done with utmost care. 

Our military customer wished to have temporarily anti-ballistic protection onboard their C-130 aircraft with LOX- transports. We developed a large pallet with a footprint of 108” x 144” for direct use in the 463L loading system with anti-ballistic material inside the pallet. The LOX container is rolled on top and the stainless steel top face of the pallet resists LOX, should any leakage occur.

  • Type - P Certified aircraft pallet
  • Base size - Z 3658x2743 mm / 144x108 inch
  • Tare weight Tare weight: 870 kg / 1918 lb
  • Max. gross weight Max. gross weight: 5500 kg / 12125 lb
  • Max. net weight Max. net weight: 4630 kg / 10207 lb
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