AYK (ATR) container

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Custom built AYK container for use in ATR42 and ATR72 aircrafts which have the cargo conversion kit installed. 

The AYK container features a panelwise assembly design, providing performance and reliability with easy maintenance if required.

Other dimensions available, same as customized pallets and nets.

ULD type
  • AYK (ATR)
  • Type - A Certified aircraft container
  • Base size - Y 2121x1092 mm / 83.5x43 inch
  • Contour - K 2121x1270 mm / 83.5x50 inch
  • Tare weight Tare weight: 82 kg / 181 lb
  • Max. gross weight Max. gross weight: 600 kg / 1323 lb
  • Max. net weight Max. net weight: 518 kg / 1142 lb
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