ALP Container

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ALP containers are full width lower deck containers, often used because of their broad compatibility with various aircraft types and are used by Jaeger for the shipment of heavy machinery parts. The overall design issues were durability, strength (impact resistance) and easy repair. 

The first example is a container built for extreme durability, extra stiffeners are added on all sides of the container. The front is completely covered by four solid, double hinged doors and can be opened completely to the sides. The door panels are made of composite material with superb specifications: lightweight, superior strength, water resistant, will not rust or rot, 100% recyclable, chemical resistant and impact resistant. The edges of the door are provided with rubber extrusions to prevent leakage and gutters are placed above the doors to guarantee a full waterproof container. 

The second example is part of a series, developed for the harsh environment of the express industry where containers can be utilized incredibly frequently. Wear and tear can often be noticed in earlier stages then at regular airliners, hence containers requiring a different than traditional approach.

We developed a family of mail and express containers with the focus on durability, strength (impact resistance), easy repair in case of damage and reduced parts count throughout the whole ULD family.

More features:

  • The base of the container is built upon forkliftable pallet
  • Additional seat track points are placed along the sides of the interior floor to attach straps for a proper fixation of the cargo
  • Locks are integrated into the door to secure the valuable parts
  • The used locks and hinges are all made of stainless steel


ULD type
  • ALP / LD5 / LD11
  • Type - A Certified aircraft container
  • Base size - L 3175x1534 mm / 125x60.4 inch
  • Contour - P 3175x1611 mm / 125x63.4 inch
  • Tare weight Tare weight: 259 kg / 571 lb
  • Max. gross weight Max. gross weight: 3175 kg / 7000 lb
  • Max. net weight Max. net weight: 2916 kg / 6429 lb
  • 6.2 m³ / 219 ft³
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