ABJ military container

Fire Containment Container (FCC) Back to overview

When transporting troopers and cargo in one hold, a conflict in regulations occurs. Regulation for transport of passengers vastly differs compared to the requirements for transport of cargo in general, a main difference is covering fire retardancy. 

Cargo and passengers need to be separated and whereas such typically occurs in different cargo holds, in certain aircraft configurations this is simply not feasible or cost effective. 

This main deck DC-10 container offers the highest level of fire protection with utmost operational versatility.

ULD type
  • ABJ
  • Type - A Certified aircraft container
  • Base size - B 2743x2235 mm / 108x88 inch
  • Contour - J 2743x2400 mm / 108x94.5 inch
  • Tare weight Tare weight: 540 kg / 1190 lb
  • Max. gross weight Max. gross weight: 4536 kg / 10000 lb
  • Max. net weight Max. net weight: 3996 kg / 8810 lb
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