High tech transport

State-of-the-art containers for transporting high-tech products that are sensitive to their environment.

High tech transport Transporting hi-tech products

Our multimodal containers are built to transport technical products that are highly sensitive to changes in their environment (temperature, humidity, contamination, vibration/shock, etc.). Hi-tech products need the best possible protection during transport by road, air and sea. Therefore, our containers offer features such as full insulation, climate control and internal securing interface.

ULD types

Large-sized containers such as the RGX (based on 20 ft. pallet). Standard or custom-size containers also available.

Hi-tech products

Containers for highly sensitive products such as lithography machine parts, computer / servers, satellite systems, solar array wings, and robotics.

Climate control

From insulated panels to advanced air-conditioning units to control and monitor temperature, humidity, etc.

Operational features

Including forklift pockets, ISO corners for multimodal transport, cargo securing provisions/interface, vibration/shock absorbers, interior parts such as shelving.

Branding & markings

From customer logo to full colour branding, including markings such as ID codes. Painting and coatings are also possible.

Certified ULDs

All our (non-)standard products comply with the requirements of the world’s airlines and aircraft and are approved by the civil aviation authority.

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