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Lithium batteries self-ignite

With a growing demand for portable products, the air cargo industry has recently seen a sharp increase in shipments of (undeclared) lithium-based batteries. These batteries can carry a tremendous amount of energy despite their size but are also able to combust instantaneously. This so-called thermal runaway easily ignites surrounding cargo and this presents aircraft with a serious fire risk.

VRR has developed a fire resistant container solution that is able to contain a fire inside a ULD for at least six hours. Our solution can be applied to all ULD types, is repairable and also highly wear-/tear resistant.


Lithium battery failures reported to the FAA (in 2016 only).

Tons of cargo is transported in aircraft containers (ULD's) every day.

Percent expected annual growth of the lithium-based battery market for the next six years.

Reported air(port) incidents involving cargo carried lithium batteries since 1991.

Billions parcels are sent every year. Airmail plays an essential role in their delivery.

Optimal cover design

Fire resistant material and improved cover design to control the airflow: cutting off oxygen flow, while enabling smoke to come out for detection.

Aluminium frame / sheets

Tests show aluminium is sufficient to pass a full-scale class A fire test. Our FRC's are also available with SMA sheets that also passes the flame penetration test.


All materials can be repaired/patched with conventional methods (using adhesives or fasteners).

Class A fire containment

The FRC has at least six hours of class A fire containment, tested according to SAE AS6278 (ISO-19281).

ULD Types

Our fire resistant container solution is applicable to any ULD type.

Which ULD would you take on board your aircraft?

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