Compliance & certification

Supplying products to the aviation industry means observing strict quality requirements and meeting all compliance standards. We guarantee that all our Unit Load Devices are airworthy and meet the industry’s highest standards.

  • VRR: a reliable and trustworthy partner

    Safety is paramount in the aviation world, which is why a Unit Load Device (ULD) must be approved for use – or certified - by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority (e.g. EASA, FAA) before it can be loaded into an aircraft. At VRR, we’re particularly good at getting ULDs certified. That’s essential for a company that has the versatility to create custom products for a wide variety of air transport solutions.

  • Industry standard compliance

    All our ULDS - containers and pallets - are certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and/or the Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA) before leaving our factory. The basis for certification is found in Technical Standard Order (E)TSO-C90c, a minimum global performance standard for the materials, parts and appliances used on all common aircraft types. This means you can be sure that all aspects of your ULD such as base size and contour, ultimate loads, restraint conditions, fire resistance, degradation, testing and markings meet the required standard.

  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

    Sometimes a ULD needs to have a particular design due to the type of cargo or specific type of aircraft. If this means that the ULD no longer meets the TSO standard (e.g. the base size is different to that defined in the standard), the ULD can be STC-certified. VRR is authorised to issue Supplemental Type Certificates, which are usually specific to a specific aircraft type and not easily transferable to other types of aircraft.

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