HMJ horse stable

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A derivative to the regular HMJ. This version is equally good and has one vital difference; the wall segments have been replaced with a light weight sandwich panel. This construction implies a weight reduction in excess of 100 kg per HMJ.

Versatility, safety, convenience and comfort combined into a single product when air shipping horse; please meet the HMJ horse stall. As a long term model in our product range, the HMJ has well proven its capabilities by ticking all the boxes for horse shipments. 

The HMJ is based upon a robust sandwich pallet to allow handling per forklift truck and to prevent the horses from feeling the rollers (PDU) inside the aircraft when being positioned to their final pallet position. 

A rigid top structure is arranged through large, well-rounded aluminium extrusions. Panels are made from aluminium skinned sandwich panels which offer an interesting strength to weight ratio. 

The roof structure has a unique foldable system on both sides, to transfer the original B747 contour to a smaller contour as found with aircrafts as B777F, MD-11F and DC-10F. As such the HMJ fits many aircraft types. 

The roof structure also allows adjusting per side to ensure the HMJ can be loaded at both left as well as right positions to allow the horses flying face forward always – with one design. 

Front and aft side are equipped with ramps which can open as ramps to allow uni-directional horse (un)loading. The ramps can however open as regular cargo doors too (vertically hinged) to allow loading of cargo per forklift truck. This door construction therefore allows some general cargo revenue when positioning the horse stall through your network. 

Grooms and animal attendants can make their entrance through sliding doors which can still be operated in narrower aircraft than the B747F and which do not protrude inwards, to prevent upsetting the horses at entrance. 

Partitions separating the horses feature built-in retractable sniffer boards. The partitions are hung from the top with maintenance free bearings and can be simply maneuvered by hand to ease loading. The partitions can easily be locked at various desired locations with robust stainless steel spring-loaded pins. 

Solid breast frames allow the grooms and animal attendants a safe working area to look after the animals during the shipment. Multiple rings and hooks provide convenient storage of hay bags etc. 

At the aft side, additional aft bars and kick doors could be provided to retain each horse in position directly after loading – the grooms can then concentrate on the loading of the next animal. 

Same as any other horse stall in our product range, the HMJ is certified by EASA and FAA. Without restrictions. A unique product in many ways therefore.

The light weight alternative to a regular HMJ. 

The HMJ models are DC-10F, MD11F and B777F compatible (as well as B747F) and allow side-by-side loading on both left as right positions. 

The HMJ can be contoured on either side, allowing the horses to travel face forward - regardless of being loaded on either side of the aircraft.

ULD type
  • HMJ
  • Type - H Certified horse stalls
  • Base size - M 3175x2438 mm / 125x96 inch
  • Contour - J 2438x2338 mm / 96x92 inch
  • Tare weight Tare weight: 1105 kg / 2436 lb
  • Max. gross weight Max. gross weight: 6804 kg / 15000 lb
  • Max. net weight Max. net weight: 5699 kg / 12564 lb
  • 14.7 m³ / 519 ft³
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