On Board Tool Kit 2

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Every Airbus A350 airplane carries an On Board Tool Kit which holds specific tools and spare parts for frequent checking and general maintenance of the airplane.

The Tool Kit is provided with carrying grips and can be closed by a zipper and the additional buckles/belts. It weighs about 3,0kg (bag including straps) and is designed to withstand the allowable payload of 40kg.

The On Board Tool Kit is located in the bulk compartment and can be fixed to the floor by way of straps with single studs. The tie-down fittings are self-locking so the Tool Kit can easily be fastened and removed when needed.

The Tool Kit is thoroughly tested – with regards to durability, flammability, waterproofness, temperature fatigue, pressure, fluid susceptibility etc. - and complies to all specifications and regulations of the Airbus and aviation standards.

The Tool Kit is able to withstand the extremely hard usage to which it will be subjected throughout its service life.

  • Tare weight Tare weight: 3 kg / 7 lb
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